Árbol is a book about life and death from the metaphor of a tree. Using the accordion structure, the book can be read in multiple ways: from one side, the optimistic view of life and growth; another, the darker view of slow death and nostalgia about the past, and a more complex reading when the structure is open in more sculptural ways.
The illustrations for the book were made on 2017, and since then, the text, form and concept changed many times until in 2021 a final edition was made.
The book is digitally laser printed on beige and bare white papers, and with a green paper cover embroidered and with gold foil stamped details. It measures 13 x 21x 1 cm closed and about 150 x 21 x 13 cm fully or partially opened.
Accordion book of 48 pg / Edition of 100 in Spanish
USD $120

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