The Cordillera de los Andes is the West contour of South America, its spine. The landscape is a treasure for indigenous peoples traditions and the horizon for who lives there.
This  first piece of the La Cordillera series portraits imaginary mountains from the memories of Colombia and the artist's experiences of moving to a city with a flat horizon. It is about nostalgia, memory and remnants, things that are conceptual parts of both photography and papermaking practices. The grain refers to that micro components on the surfaces we see in these two disciplines. It is an accordion book of a drawing made by peeling off various layers of paper to create tones when light from behind, similar to the way light picks areas of emulsion to create images in the photo sensible surface.
This project was made during the 2018 Fall at the University of Iowa Center For The book.
Materials:  Kozo Nagashizuki style Washi.
Technique:  Peeled, sanded and cut handmade nagashizuki style washi.
Size of Accordion: Opened: 154 x 22 cm / Closed: 11 x 22

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