About the book
Fragmentos de Lluvia is a graphic score/atists’ book for solo voice, choir and paper instruments. The piece is related to my roots of a city with constant rain –Bogotá–, oral and gold figures in indigenous peoples’ traditions, myths of mountain ranges, percussive rhythms and melodies coming from the soundscape. This book is a score for performing, a poem that sometimes is just for the reader and won’t be performed, and an instrument were elements of the book itself will be part of the soundscape. 
The book is, too, a comment on my hand papermaking experience. All the imagery was made with pulp stencil, embedded silk thread, pulp painting and pochoir, with the text and annotations letterpress printed from photopolymer plates in a total score edition of 15. It has inclusions of handmade paper and embedded silk thread, and tabs on the fore edge to help reading made with handmade Japanese paper and foil stamping. 
The book is 14 x 20 inches to speak to a tradition of big choir scores meant to be shared that comes from the middle ages. The score has 30 pages, bound on a concertina and a soft wrapper cover to allow the book to fully open and to accommodate the paper inclusions.
It was first shown in February 2021, Iowa City; and on 2022 won the Holle Award for excelence in the Book Arts.
Individual book/score in an edition of 6, 2 left: $800
Deluxe edition for multiple performers –box with three scores and one set of handmade paper instruments in a box–  in an edition of 3: $2600. Sold out. One copy can be found at The University of Iowa Special Collections, another at the Book Arts program at the University of Alabama, and one from the artist (currently in Bogotá, Colombia).

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